Lansare „Ancient Psychology and Psychiatry for the Modern World”, în prezența autorului

📌 We cordially invite you to the book launch of Ancient Psychology and Psychiatry for the Modern World, with the author Dr. Farhad Pourgolafshan.
Date: Monday, 20th of June 2022
Time: 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Venue: Cărturești Verona

💡  When it comes to ancient medical sciences misunderstandings and confusion prevails. Everything and anything is claimed to be cure for this or that. In this confusion many opportunists including some medical doctors are making big gains, fast. Ultimately it is the consumer and the sick who are the biggest losers under such circumstances. This book is attempting to set some benchmarks for identification and evaluation of ancient medical sciences in general, and ancient psychology and psychiatry in particular, and their specific treatments, in order to help minimize the current confusion. There is a detailed treatment of the history of sciences both ancient and modern as it is required for understanding the present situation. As examples, the ancient treatments of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for a few psychological disorders are provided in some dept. There is also an extensive discussion on Evolution Theory, Darwinism, and Progressivism as the historical background leading to the current situation.

Cartea este disponibilă aici.

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