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Advancing Learning: Fast-forward 2024 – with Macmillan Education

Get ready to supercharge your teaching skills without sacrificing any free time!

Tuesday, 25th June 2024
at 12:00, 16:00, and 00:30 EET

Your teacher training team at Macmillan Education have come together for an online event truly like no other, the new-look Advancing Learning Fast-forward 2024!

For anyone who wants to develop their teaching skills, but is lacking in time, we will be cherry-picking some of our favourite pieces of advice from our latest webinars and sharing them in a brand-new event format:

Look back at some of our fourite moments from recent events with some hand-picked webinar outtakes.

For the first time, watch ideas come to life as Emily Bryson sketch-notes live as the conversation unfolds.

Enjoy a live, unplugged and unscripted discussion between your beloved Macmillan Education teacher training team.

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