Chris Green

Bringing Shakespeare to life in the classroom – Collins International Webinars

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12:00 EET / 18:00 EET

The study of Shakespeare’s plays is a compulsory requirement in many school curricula. Too often it can be a frustrating experience for students and teachers alike.

Starting with his recent edition of The Merchant of Venice (from the Collins Classroom Classics range), Chris Green will show how the study of Shakespeare can be a highly positive experience.
Moving ‘beyond the fear’ and embracing simple Drama techniques (which all teachers will be able to use), Chris will show that classroom study of the plays does not need to become obsessed with details of language, but that active methods can bring the plays to life and show students that Shakespeare’s plays deal with many of the social and cultural issues which are at the top of the list of concerns for students around the world today.


Chris Green is Director of English and Drama at The Perse School in Cambridge (UK), whilst being Principal Examiner for A-Level English Literature’s Shakespeare component with a major UK awarding body. He is also Trustee and Director of the British Shakespeare Association and Deputy Director of Cambridge Programmes. Alongside Chris’ professional accolade, he has recently published an edition of The Merchant of Venice for HarperCollins.

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