Black Cat Webinars – Bring Great Stories to Your English Class

Black Cat Webinars - Bring Great Stories to Your English Class
Black Cat Webinars – Bring Great Stories to Your English Class


Is a graded reader just the facilitated version of a novel? Well … it’s so much more!

For students, a graded reader represents the discovery of literature in a foreign language at a level appropriate to their knowledge. It is also a tool for teachers, helping them cultivate in their students the joy of learning that only an engagement with a great story is able to inspire.

A graded reader is the possibility to choose your favourite genre, and see beautiful, stirring images as you read.

By participating to each session, you will get a 30-days FREE access to the DIGITAL BOOKS used during the training session.

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Travel with a book. Next destination: Fluent English – Verissimo Toste

9th April, 13th April, 20th April 2021 – 12:00 Europe/Bucharest

Stories can take us to many different places and to many different times. How do these places make a difference to the story? How can we expand on these places to spark the imaginations of our students in our ELT classroom? Join us in a conversation about using the setting of a story to deepen your students’ reading experience.

Verissimo Toste

Verissimo Toste
Teacher Training Consultant

I have worked as a teacher and trainer for over 35 years in English Language Teaching (ELT), and more recently, in Primary Education in the UK. I support teachers, heads of department, as well as publishing sales staff to strengthen the teaching and learning experience in the classroom. As a teacher training consultant, I use my knowledge and experience in order to make a difference in the world.

Free ebooks with this webinar:
The Musicians of Bremen, pre-level A1
Robinson Crusoe, A2
Around the World in Eighty Days, B1.1

Storytelling and brain chemistry – Katie Poitevin

7th April, 14th April, 21 April 2021 – 20:00 Europe/Bucharest

Stories are one of the few universals as no matter the culture we are raised in, or the languages we speak, stories affect our brains in striking, similar ways. This talk delves into the science behind why we are so attracted to stories, and how stories in the language classroom are one of the most powerful tools to awaken focus and motivation in our students.

Katie Poitevin

Free ebooks with this webinar:
Dorothy, pre-level A1
The Secret of the Stones, A1
Sherlock Holmes Stories, A2

Make your lesson CATchy with Social Media – Samuel John Williams

8th April, 12th April, 19th April 2021

Social media plays such an integral role in our student’s lives, and there are a vast array of great resources on these platforms to supplement your English lessons. You’ll learn how to take the classic stories from English literature and turn them into contemporary video lessons that your pupils love and how you can use this fantastic educational social media content in your English class.

Samuel John Williams

Samuel John Williams

With CATchy English, each book contains thousands of lessons.

A good story offers endless opportunities to learn while having fun, and the CATchy English series knows how to grab them all, stimulating the “feline” curiosity of students who love to explore, but also of the more cunning ones.

Four monthly appointments, divided into four categories:
Story – a novel told in less than a minute;
Grammar – a few simple examples revealing the language’s little secrets;
Vocabulary – new words to learn and use immediately;
Culture / Real life – because literature can be a great help in our daily lives.

Agile, quick, but easy to tame, CATchy English videos are perfect for self-directed learning, but also most suitable for use in the classroom.


Free ebooks with this webinar:
The Nightingale, pre-level A1
Wonder, A2
The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde, B1.2

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