Assessment for Life – with Macmillan Education

Wednesday 22nd May
at 13.00, 16.00, and 23:30pm EET

In all its forms, assessment is a continual part of our lives. From early years learning to annual appraisals at work, a variety of stakeholders, including ourselves, need to know where we’re at on a particular journey, and what else needs to happen to help us achieve the goals we lay out for ourselves and others. 

This 3-session event looks at assessment during the English language learning journey from 3 distinct perspectives: the early years, in-course (formative) assessment and the final step(?!) of a language learning journey.
Join us for a day all about achievement, and what teachers can do to help their learners both FEEL ready and, of course, BE ready for anything.

About the sessions:

Once upon a time: story-based teaching, learning and assessment

Speaker: Radosveta Valkova

Research studies suggest that a story-based approach in English language teaching, learning and assessment creates an entertaining environment and experience for young learners which stimulates a higher level of intrinsic motivation and engagement. It can help build up confidence and encourage social and emotional development. Additionally, the use of online innovations such as AI scoring improves educational practices and outcomes. The webinar will discuss story-based approaches and the new British Council Primary English Test.

Unlocking Student Engagement: formative assessment tools for 2024

Speaker: Indiana Eva

In this talk, we will be reimagining the delivery of formative assessment. By leveraging digital tools, educators can provide real-time feedback, customise learning experiences, and foster a collaborative classroom culture. During Indiana’s session, she will be delving into some of her most recommended digital formative assessment platforms, including some new AI tools, as well as a few low-prep ways to keep assessment as fun as it is necessary.

Teaching C2 Proficiency: fearless in the face of excellence

Speaker: Elspeth Pollock

As teachers, the idea of teaching C2 might be unsettling, but I would argue that it’s an amazing experience,with some fantastic students. Let’s jump into Proficiency and look briefly at what makes it different, & the typical C2 student profile. Then let’s go through some tried & tested activities & approaches for the classroom – and hopefully get to experience a little of the magic!

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