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Collins International Webinars: Put it another way – developing learners’ vocabulary beyond a comfortable core

Wednesday 19th May 2021
12:00-13:00 EET or 18:00-19:00 EET – choose the time that suits you!

Many learners develop a core productive vocabulary that allows them to operate within their comfort zone and although their receptive vocabulary may continue to grow, the range of words and phrases they actually use often stagnates.

In this session, we’ll explore the concept of receptive and productive vocabulary, and how different types of vocabulary can be approached differently in the classroom. We’ll also look at ways of encouraging students to expand the range of vocabulary they use by shifting language from their passive to active repertoire, by exploring synonyms and by rewarding experimentation.

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Julie Moore is a freelance ELT writer, lexicographer, corpus researcher, conference speaker and teacher trainer based in Bristol in South-West England.
Over 20 years, she’s written for a wide range of published ELT materials, including dictionaries, self-study materials and coursebooks. Words are still her first love though and recent projects include work on Collins COBUILD English Usage and Collins COBUILD Dictionaries of Phrasal Verbs and Idioms.
You can find out more about her her here.

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