Academy Stars 2nd ed.

Top Tips for Teaching Grammar – Academy Stars Second Edition (Macmillan Education)

Academy Stars Second Edition - Macmillan Education

Academy Stars Second Edition is a 7-level British English primary course which prepares young learners for the wider world, for academic progression and for exam success. ​
CEFR Levels: pre A1 – B1

Academy Stars Second Edition builds on the enormous success of the first edition and has even more resources to foster brilliance in the primary English classroom.
With the aid of Graphic Grammar animations, Grammar Booster, Extra Stars communicative activities, New Cambridge Young Learner exams activities and enriched readings and listenings, students become exceptional language learners.
In addition, activities centered around Education for Sustainable Development & Citizenship and Social & Emotional Learning foster learner autonomy, and help pupils to become responsible citizens.

What's new in the second edition
What’s new in the second edition

Join Simon Cohen, teacher trainer and actor, in an engaging video on top tips for teaching grammar to primary students. Discover practical activities and examples to make grammar lessons fun and effective in your classroom.

Behind the scenes with Kathryn Harper, the co-author:

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