Sarah Hillyard

When is a Mistake a Mistake, and When is it a Learning Opportunity? – with Macmillan Education

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We all make mistakes – it’s inevitable. Errors are a natural and expected part of language learning. How much do you correct your learners? Do you do it enough? Too much?
It can be hard to know which errors should be corrected, when to correct them, who should correct them or how they should be corrected.

This session aims at answering these questions while providing different strategies to adopt in your lessons. The way you handle error correction can determine whether a mistake becomes a learning opportunity or whether it hinders learning.

About the Speaker:

Sarah Hillyard

Sarah Hillyard is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and holds a Master’s Degree in Teaching English to Young Learners from the University of York, U.K. She has been teacher and coordinator at pre-primary level and is now ELT academic consultant for bilingual schools. She is tutor on NILE’s online course “Teaching English in Pre-Primary Education” (UK). She delivers webinars and teacher training sessions at conferences and schools and has published articles focusing on teaching English to young learners. She is co-author and series consultant for Pearson’s new pre-primary course “Little Stars” and primary course “Our Stories”. She used to be an actress with The Performers (TIE – Theatre in Education) and is now the company’s ELT consultant.

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