Webinar 23 April 2024

An Introduction to Jolly Grammar – with Jolly Learning

Please watch the webinar recording HERE.

Experience the effectiveness of Jolly Grammar — an engaging and structured approach to teaching grammar, spelling, punctuation, and vocabulary development.

Sara Wernham

Featuring: Sara Wernham, co-author of the renowned Jolly Phonics & Jolly Grammar programmes

This webinar is tailored for primary English teachers keen on enhancing their teaching strategies.
Join us for an insightful session on mastering grammar skills!

Explore Jolly Grammar, a programme designed to build upon earlier phonics teaching by introducing more advanced spelling, grammar, and punctuation concepts as children progress through school.

Take a look at the 2024 Jolly Learning Catalogue, filled to the brim with exciting resources to help children learn to read and write confidently!
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