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Advancing Learning Academic Programme: Helping our Teens Manage their Emotions – Macmillan Education

Friday, December 2nd, 2022

Teachers know that students bring their emotions to school. There’s no such thing as leaving your emotions at the door. We must try to understand emotions because they have a big impact on behavior, on learning, on memory, and on attention.

In this webinar we will explore ways to bring awareness to the emotions that our students are experiencing, listen to the information emotions provide and discuss strategies to enable the students to regulate their emotions so they can thrive.

About the speaker:

Chaz Pugliese is a lecturer, author, speaker and teacher trainer. Chaz is currently Director of Education and Teacher Training at Pilgrims Global, working out of Ireland and France.
With over 30 years’ experience in the field of Foreign Language Teaching, Chaz has taught in five countries, and has trained teachers in as many as 35 countries all over the world. His publications include: ‘Being Creative’ (Delta, 2010), ‘Principled Communicative Teaching’ (with J. Arnold and Z. Dörnyei, Helbling, 2015) and ‘Creating Motivation’ (Helbling, 2017). Research interests: psychology in the learning process, creativity, motivational issues and the role of emotions in the learning process.

Please watch the webinar here:

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